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About ASVA

ASVA Student Union is the biggest student organisation in Amsterdam. ASVA represents the interests of students of both UvA and AUAS (HvA). The quality and accessibility of education are our priorities. To achieve this, we engage with the Executive Board of these institutions, we investigate problems, we seek the media and we even organize demonstrations.

Being a student means having fun, meeting new people and enjoying education. But studying brings about many questions. What is the deal with the OV-chipcard, where do you get a good quality (but cheap) bike? And is it even possible to find a room in Amsterdam these days? The ASVA studentunion can help you.  We try to answer your questions about the university, living in Amsterdam and studying in itself. The interests of the student are the central point at ASVA. We continuously provoke attention for good education, amongst others by engaging in conversation with politicians and the media. But that what we find most important is the conversation with YOU! What do students thing of our higher education, and what requires improvement?

ASVA provides several services  to make your life as a student easier. At our studentdesks in CREA and the Wibauthuis you can ask all your question about studying in Amsterdam. Above all we sell cheap and legal bikes and our law office will help you with any legal problems you might have. Any problems with your rent or education? We’re happy to help. 

Become a member

By becoming a member of ASVA, you support us in achieving the best for international students. The services we offer our members include

For more information, you can contact the ASVA Student Desk at studentenbalie@asva.nl or 020 525 2926, or visit our student desk (CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170).


Monday                           09.30 – 17:00
Tuesday                           10.00 – 13.00
Wednesday                      closed
Thursday                         10.00 – 13.00
Friday                              9.30 – 17.00


Every month you can buy a bike for €84,-! You need a membership of the ASVA student union to buy a bike which will only cost you €15. During the bikesale it is possible to buy a lock for €15.

More information regarding the bikesale can be found here

ATTENTION: Bought a bike at ASVA this year already? Did your bike get stolen? Please send us your police report! Because you can’t buy more than one bike a year unless your bike was stolen.

Cargo bike

Do you need to move house? Our cargo bike is big enough to move a lot of your inventory at once. Besides moving you can also use it for an event or project.

  • Bin 120 x 85 cm
  • Handbrake
  • €10,- for a day
  • €15,- for a weekend
  • €150,- deposit
  • Renting requires a membership of the ASVA studentunion

For more information you can call or send an e-mail to the ASVA studentdesk.


Need a room?

In ASVA student union’s action plan for rooms you can find a lot of information about finding a room. Think of online platforms where rooms are being offered and tips about what you need to pay attention to when looking for a room; the action plan for room is the first step to find a place!

On our Facebook page, many rooms are being offered by and for students. We check if the posts in the group meet a number of requirements. Besides, you must pay careful attention when responding to housing offers; we are not responsible for any possible issues.

Yet, in case you are facing problems in your current housing situation, you can always contact our legal office. You can also bring your questions about a contract, that you are planning to sign or have already signed, to our legal office.

Besides, you can contact the ASVA student desk for more tips on how to find a room.

Legal assistance

As a student in Amsterdam you will have to sign multiple contracts during your studies. Think about a rentcontract or an employment contract. Also, during your studies you might encounter situations where you think you deserve a different treatment, for example with a Binding Study Recommendation (BSA) or extra retakes on exams. Ofcourse you hope everything goes smoothly without trouble, but what do you do when that is not the case?

With all your juridicial questions and problems you can contact the Law office from ASVA. Enthusiastic (law)students are ready to help their fellowstudents with their juridicial problems. ASVA could help you with, amongst others, tenancy law, employment law, education law and problems with DUO. The Law office also helps you find your way in the UvA or HvA when you have a problem or don’t agree with the state of affairs in your studies.


You can send an email to the Law Office with your questions. In many cases your question can be answered via email.


ASVA studentdesk (UvA)
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018WV Amsterdam
E-mail: rechtsbureau@asva.nl (mention your phonenumber in this email)


The ASVA studentunion Law office is a studentorganisation and is in no way liable for the consequences of the advice given, appeals or writs.


Do you have a presentation to give, but no beamer? Want to take a good Linked-in photograph, but the camera in your Phone is broken? Or do you just want to test you singingskills? As a member you can contact the ASVA studentunion for renting all kinds of useful equipment. Not yet a member? Click here!


  • Beamer
  • Beamerscreen
  • Photocamera
  • Microphones
  • Speakers + amplifier
  • Hot plates
  • High tables (per 2) with ASVA-sticker on top


  • €10,- per day
  • €15,- for the weekend
  • Deposit depends on the product

The costs are the same for all products, with the exception of the hot plates. Only a small deposit is required for renting the hot plates.

For reservations or information on the deposit, pleace contact the ASVA studentdesk.

Are you renting a product on behalf of an association? Check the advantages of becoming a partnerassociation of ASVA.