Buy an ASVA Bike!

The next bike sale will take place on Friday the 28th of June at 12:00PM, at Café Fest, Wibauthof 1, Amsterdam. Sign up here!

Note: you have to be a member of ASVA to attend the bike sale.

What do you get?

  • €90,-  for a second hand city bike with backward kick brake (please note: the bikes do not have hand brakes)
  • A 4 week long warranty on big components, except for the tires
  • Free ASVA bike lights
  • Registration against theft (see Terms and conditions)

Want to buy a bike?

ASVA bikes cost €90. Apart from that, you need to be a member of the ASVA student union to be able to buy a bike!

Are you already an ASVA member? Log in here to reserve your bike. If you haven’t received log in credentials yet, please contact the Student desk.

Are you unable to come? Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance by sending an email to and please mention wether you want a refund, or if you want to attend the next bike sale. If you don’t notify us in time 10 euro will be deducted. 

Have you already bought a bike at ASVA this year, but has it been stolen? Then send us your deposit slip.

It is possible to buy a lock for your bike during the bike sale for €15. You can select this option when signing up for the bike sale.

What’s an ASVA membership?

In order to buy a bike from us, you need to be a member of ASVA. If you are not a member yet, you can click the link below and get your membership right away. The membership fee is €17,50 for the first year (or €12,50 if you are a member of one of our partner associations). The membership will be automatically renewed, unless stated otherwise. From the second year onwards, memberships cost €15,00 per year.

ASVA is the union for all students in Amsterdam. Together we fight for good education and affordable student housing. How? ASVA informs, has a say and takes action. The more members we have, the stronger we stand in our position as a union. That is why we love our members so much!

Besides working hard for your interests, ASVA is also there to make your student life as easy as possible. What can you expect from ASVA and what services can you use as an ASVA member?

  • The employees of the ASVA student desk in CREA are always there for you to answer questions about student life in Amsterdam.
  • The ASVA legal office supports you, as a student, with legal trouble with for example your landlord or Dutch institutions.
  • As an ASVA member you can lease various equipment for free for the first two days, such as projectors and our transport bike.
  • is the main source for information about developments in the student world.
  • Every other week on Tuesday, ASVA sells the cheapest, legal, bikes of Amsterdam.
  • ASVA Academy is ASVA’s training bureau which offers trainings to help active students in their work for committees, boards or councils.

In case you have any questions left, sent an email to

Done with your bike?

Is your bike getting rusty in a bicycle rack? Does your bike take up too much space? But you haven’t got a clue what to do with your old banger? Let the municipality pick up your bike!

You can get the municipality pick up your bike for free and on top of that you get a unique Amsterdam bag in return! You can make an appointment for the pick up by calling 14 020, or have a look on the municipality website.

So, make a call now and do what you can do to create space in Amsterdam for everyone’s bike!

The ASVA Cargo Bike

Organising a party, or planning to move? Rent the ASVA carrier cycle! For more information, check this page!

Bike Kitchen

At the Bike Kitchen, you learn how to repair your own bike in an innovative and durable way! That’s ideal when the warrranty of your ASVA bike has expired. Take a look at the Instagram page of Bike Kitchen to see when the next session will take place!