Request funding


ASVA has reserved a yearly budget that study associations can apply for if they are organising a joint event. Associations can apply for funding under the following conditions:

  1. Two or more study associations are jointly organizing an event;
  2. The event contributes to student life in Amsterdam;
  3. A study association can be part of a funding request maximum twice;
  4. Study associations can request a maximum amount of €300 per application.

Application For sustainable initiaties

Since this year, ASVA also reserves money for sustainable initiatives. If you are a member (association) of ASVA, you can claim this under a number of conditions:

  1. It concerns a sustainable initiative done by one (or more) member or member association of ASVA.
  2. A member (association) may be part of an application a maximum of twice a year.
  3. For sustainable initiatives a maximum of €100 can be requested at a time.

Granting of subsidy is done by the Board of ASVA, taking into account a good balance of HvA and UvA associations and substantive and social events and initiatives. In exchange for granting a subsidy, a quid pro quo may be requested in consultation, for example in the form of promotion for ASVA.


1. An action plan (+/- 1A4)

a. A short description of the event

b. A planning for (the organisation of) the event or initiative

c. A motivation as to why ASVA should fund this event

d. An estimated budget, which should state how much funding you wish to receive. You can email these documents to and you will receive an answer to your request within two working weeks.