Training overview

All student organizations can apply for training courses at ASVA Academy. Below are all existing training courses. Do you need a training that is not on this page? Let us know at! Maybe we can develop a new training especially for you.

Completion of the year and handover

What is important in the transfer to a new board? How do you ensure that information is not lost and that new board members are properly trained in their new functions? Follow this training and find answers to these questions.

Board recruitment

Is your association struggling to find new board members? ASVA is here to help!
Our trainer guides you through defining your target audience and finding ways to reach it. They also teach you how to close the deal (without making false promises) and how to handle your recruitment process more strategically.

Organize (and evaluate) events

Do you have little experience with organizing (large) events? Learn the basics of how to set up, run and evaluate an event.

Activating members

Great, the introductory periods are over and you have tons of new members! How do you bind them to your association? In this training we teach you how to turn your new members into active members (or maybe even board successors)!

Promotion and membership recruitment

Learn how to profile, represent and position your association on social media and physical events. Follow this training with your board, or with a promotion and/or introduction committee.

Social Media

Learn the social media ins and outs and make a social media plan for your association. Learn how your association profiles and is visible on the right platforms.

Student councils / Student parties

Campaigning (physically and online)

Learn how to profile your student party and put it on the map. Practice how to effectively persuade people to vote for you when handing out flyers, and how to promote your party during elections with a social media plan.

Visibility and recruiting new council members


In this training you will learn useful tips and tricks for (cold) acquisition, and you will practice a lot with this.


In this training you will learn the ins and outs of being a treasurer! You will learn all about the different roles of a treasurer, receive information about practical matters and receive useful tips to start your financial year well prepared!

Writing a policy plan

Managing committees

Diversity within your association

Onboarding new board members


In this training you will learn what the basic tasks of a secretary are: taking minutes, managing information flows, the membership system, and a bit about privacy and data protection. We can already reveal the most important lesson: you are not actually people’s secretary!

Socialsafety within your association



Is your board in a bit of a winter dip, is it bothering your board that there is (too) much criticism of the ALV, would some extra attention to how your board functions be nice, or would you like to reflect on the past six months and look ahead to what’s to come? For all kinds of different reasons, it can be nice to sit with a coach and reflect on how you and your board are doing. Do you want to change things, celebrate what is going well, and go into the rest of your board year in good spirits? Request a coaching session for your board.


In this training you will learn methods to give and receive feedback, when you can best do that and how to come to a solution together!


In this training you will learn everything about the different roles within a team, based on Belbin’s team roles, and how you as a board can use these roles and complement each other. This training is therefore extremely useful to follow with a full board.

Workload management

Holding efficient meeting

In this training you will learn how to set up a good agenda and how to properly prepare for meetings. In addition, how to bring balance and structure to your meetings by means of various meeting tools such as the BOB cycle.

Technical Chairing

Basic training residents’ committees

Legal aspects of an association

Press and Media

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