Public Transportation and Cycling

Studying in Amsterdam is not possible without constantly moving from one place to another. Especially because of the tight housing market in the city, it is of utmost importance to keep all educational institutions accessible. Apart from well-connected campuses, ASVA also aims at enhancing the accessibility of student housing complexes by both bike as well as public transportation, during the day and during night hours.

Consultative Council for Passengers

The Advisory Council for Passengers (In Dutch: Reizigers Advies Raad, RAR) is an advisory council for Public Transit in Amsterdam. Holding two seats in this advisory body enables ASVA to work and defend students’ interests on important public transit topics or challenges in the larger Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Do you happen to have any complaints or ideas concerning Public Transport in the (greater) Amsterdam region? Please let one of our RAR Council members know!

Public transportation at night

ASVA deems proper night transit to be self-evident in the biggest student city of the Netherlands. Travelling by bus allows students to travel home safely, even if you happen to live a little further from the city center. For more information on our objectives for the city’s night transit network, click here!

Many new student residences are being built outside the A10 ring road. Good accessibility throughout the night should, therefore, be considered as a basic precondition.

Cycling around Amsterdam

Cycling will always be the quickest and cheapest way to move around the city. Yet, bike use and rider safety are under pressure due to the rising ridership on Amsterdam’s cycling lanes. For more information on what efforts ASVA is making as regards cycling, click here.

Want to join?

There are many ways to improve accessibility for students in Amsterdam! We are therefore looking for motivated volunteers who would like to dig into today’s burning mobility topics! Interested? You can reach out to us via e-mail:!