ASVA looks after the interests of Amsterdam students, which is much needed! Both the quality and the accessibility of education have to endure a lot. During the past years it has become more and more expensive for students to study, i.a. because of the introduction of the student loan system (replacing the student grant system). The national government cuts back spending on higher education, and both the UvA and HvA cut back the budgets of their faculties. Next to that, mental wellbeing of students is deteriorating. Many students are, for instance, facing burn-outs due to the high working pressure in their study programmes. Besides, difficulties surrounding student housing are creating many problems. Therefore, ASVA commits to fighting for more affordable housing for students.

On a weekly basis, students at ASVA are busy to bring about changes in the areas of education and housing. Changes to which students have a right. Thanks to these efforts, information is being gathered and we are able to contribute to societal discussions. When we encounter something that upsets us, we have many different means to change the issue. For instance:

  • We
    can start a conversation with aldermen, members of the city council or with the
    Executive Board of the UvA
  • We
    can do research to raise attention to the issue in a well sustained manner
  • We
    can write press releases or op-eds
  • We can campaign, together with hundreds or even thousands of fellow students