Study Association Meet-ups (SAM)

The SAM is traditionally a meeting of all UvA student associations, where we provide training and consult on topics that are relevant and topical for all of us, e.g. statute changes, board recruitment social safety, or alcohol policy. These usually take place in CREA or at a café. Even if you are not a study association, but would enjoy sparring on such topics, it is possible to participate in the SAMs. In that case, sign up using the form below and indicate why you would like to participate. We will then contact you further.

The schedule for this year has already been put together! So mark the following dates (plus topics) in your diary:

SVO #1: Tuesday 10 October, 5pm-7pm, Getting to know & member bonding. First, this is the time to get to know the other boards. You will see them a lot at SVOs, CoBos, in the corridors and at other times. Second, we will conduct a Member Engagement training. This is the time in the year when you have your members in, but how do you keep them active?

SVO #2: Thursday 25 January, 4pm-5pm, Board Recruitment. Even though it feels like the year has only just begun, this is the time in the year when you should already be thinking about your succession. We provide some tools for this.

SVO #3: Tuesday 9 April, 17.00-19.00, Introductory periods. The introduction periods are almost upon us again. What does this entail, what do you need to do for this, what are the options? Together we will walk through how we can reach the brand-new students in the best possible way.

SVO #4: Tuesday 2 July, 17.00-19.00, Writing a policy plan. Specifically tailored to upcoming boards: a training on how to write a policy plan. We’ll introduce you to the tips on how to write a solid, realistic, sustainable policy plan.

Interested in the SAMs? Sign up using the following form! For each SAM, we will send more detailed information about the location on this website and via email.