Due to the increasing internationalisation of education, you may have to translate documents into English, or you may receive English/Dutch documents you don’t really know what to do with. ASVA helps! ASVA has the solution: the translator. Members of ASVA (including member associations) can use this service for free. Send your documents to + the deadline by which it must be completed. We will help you wherever we can. 

Please submit documents with a tight deadline as early as possible. Documents should be submitted for translation at least one week before the deadline. Exceptions can be made by mutual agreement. 

This service is not open to non-members. You can become a member of the ASVA student union for (a maximum of) 15 euros per year:

Examples of documents we translate (non-exhaustive, so please e-mail us to make sure)

  • ALV documents
  • Text for a website
  • Promotional texts
  • Administrative documents such as an HR or the statutes of an association
  • Documents from the municipality or educational institution

Have you received your work from our translator? Please send them an email that you have received it and whether any adjustments should be made. Revisions are always possible!