Legal Aid

As a student in Amsterdam, you will have to sign various contracts during the time you are studying. Think of renting a room. It could also be that, in your education, you will be confronted with situations in which you actually think you deserve to be treated differently, for example regarding your Binding Study Advice (BSA) or extra resit possibilities for exams. Of course, you’d hope that such situation will be hassle-free, but what if you do encounter a problem?

You can bring all your legal questions to ASVA’s legal office. A group of enthusiast law students working here are at the ready to help their fellow students with all sorts of legal issues. Fields of legal expertise that ASVA can help you with include tenancy law, education law and issues you might be having with DUO. Also, the legal office can tell you where to go at the UvA or HvA in case you’re struggling with something or if you disagree with the way you are being treated / with the state of affairs in your study program.


Firstly, make sure to check the Frequently Asked Question under DUO, education law, and tenancy law. Maybe your question is already covered there. If that’s not the case, contact the legal office.

You can ask your question by filling out the form below.

Tip! Due to the amount of questions coming in we have to prioritize our member, so make sure to become one!


ASVA student desk (UvA) (map)

Nieuwe Achtergracht 170

1018WV, Amsterdam

Email: (be sure to always include your phone number in your email)


The ASVA legal office is a student-run organisation and can under no circumstances be held responsible for the outcomes of the given advice, notice of objection or appeal or summons.