Printing service

Need a printer? We got you!

Printing is now possible at the ASVA Student Desk for our ASVA members! We follow university prices, but we handle it for you with union speed. No hassle with student passes (which may be lost) that you need to top up (which you may not have the time for).

Do you know in advance that you want to print something? Send it to the day before, let us know how many copies you want and whether it should be in color or black and white. You can pick up your printed documents at the desk the next day.

Last-minute printing? If it fits within the desk hours and our staff has time, this is certainly possible. Come by and we’ll start printing!


SizeAmount of copiesPrinting
A4 black€0,05€0,05
A4 color€0,20€0,40
A3 black€0,15€0,30
A3 color€0,40€1,00

You don’t need a student card. You can pay with debit card (PIN) at the student desk.