Sustainability is a hot topic, and at ASVA we think it is important too. ASVA is committed to a more sustainable world in several ways.

First, we are involved in several organisations. For example, we are involved in Students For Future, the student branch of Fridays for Future. Furthermore, we work closely with the UvA Vegan Canteen working group: a group of students and the UvA Green Offices looking at how we can make the UvA, and specifically the canteen, greener. Similarly, we are also involved in the HvA’s Green Office. Another important partner for us is Greenpeace. Earlier we spoke at the Shrink the Aviation protest, but again we are involved in a protest against aviation on 5 November.

Secondly, we are also trying to make ASVA itself more sustainable. Our WoMiLu’s (Wednesday Afternoon Lunch) are vegan by default, beyond that we only reimburse vegetarian food, print as little as possible and use sustainable products as much as possible.

Third, of course, we are (have been) present at various protests. What does that look like? Well, pretty much like this.

Then, we have plenty in the works! In January, we will organise a sustainability week! This week will be all about excursions and events, and tips and information on sustainability. The exact plans for this will follow, keep an eye on our socials!

Want to know more, have a good idea or want to get involved with ASVA? Then email