About ASVA

Starting your student days means starting a new life. Apart from all the fun stuff, starting a new course and meeting new people, you will also be facing a lot of questions. How exactly did the OV (public transport) card work again, the binding study advice, the student loan system? And will you actually be able to find a room in Amsterdam these days? The ASVA student union will help you with these issues. We can answer all your questions about the university, living in Amsterdam and about studying itself. The interests of students form our primary concern. We are continuously raising awareness for good education, for instance by talking with politicians and the media. But most important to us is the conversation we have with you. What do students think about higher education, and what should be improved?

ASVA offers a number of services that will smoothen your student days. You can bring all your questions about studying in Amsterdam to our student desk, located in CREA. On top of that, every other week we sell cheap bikes on Tuesday (fully legal!) and we have a housing office. Also, we are ready to help you if you need legal aid, for free. If you, for instance, are facing issues with your landlord or student grant/loan, we are happy to help you.

ASVA is always looking for enthusiast and motivated students to help support the organisation. Do you want to join the ASVA team? Then have a look on our vacancies page, or send an open application to vicevoorzitter@asva.nl.