Becoming an ASVA partner association

Any student organisation from Amsterdam can become a partner association of ASVA for €20 per (academic) year. To become one, send an email to in which you state the name of your association, your association’s bank account number and the name of the account holder.

Services for all partner associations

All of our partner association are entitled to the following services:

  • Participation in the ASVA general members meeting (GMM)
  • Free legal assistance from the ASVA legal office
  • Discount on ASVA Academy courses for board members and active members
  • Borrowing the ASVA beamer, projector screen, speakers, amplifier, microphones, cargo bike and digital SLR camera — for free

Extra services for study associations

In addition to the services for the partner associations, ASVA offers various forms of support for study associations affiliated with the universities of applied sciences and the University of Amsterdam:

  • Double membership: if members of partner associations become members of ASVA, they can get their first membership year for €12,50 instead of €17,50. Members of ASVA get free legal assistance, join training courses and buy an ASVA bike for only €90.
  • Support from the Study Associations Coordinator. The Study Associations Coordinator is ASVA’s contact person for study associations. This person focuses on the various questions and problems that study associations have and support these study associations where possible.
  • Study Associations Meeting (SAM): the SAM is a recurring meeting in which all kinds of different themes can be discussed. Study associations tell each other what they are doing or what problems they have run into, and they exchange knowledge. Each consultation is (of course) concluded with drinks. This way they get to know the other boards even better and they can learn from each other!