ASVA’s lease service is available again! Make an appointment early for picking up and handing back in by e-mail ( or whatsapp (+31639625931).
Please note that deposit money temporarily cannot be paid in cash but has to be paid by bank transfer at least a day in advance. So make sure to make your reservation on time.

Do you have a presentation coming up, but are still looking for a projector? Do you want to take a good LinkedIn picture, but is your phone camera broken? Or do you just want to try and see if you’re a good singer? As a member of the ASVA student union, you can rent all sorts of equipment. Not a member yet? Click here!


  • Projector (more info)
  • Projector screen
  • Pointer for presentations
  • Photo camera (more info)
  • Microphones
  • Speakers (more info)
  • Cooker
  • High tables (per set of 2, with ASVA-stickers on the top)
  • Chairman’s hammer


  • First two days for free!
  • Afterwards €5 a day/weekend
  • Deposit differs per product (in cash), see here

Leased products have to be returned before 3pm on the agreed upon date at the Student Desk.

Prices are the same for each product, except for the stoves. For these, you only have to pay a small deposit.

For reservations and for more information about the deposits, you can contact the ASVA student desk.

Do you borrow a product on behalf of one of ASVA’s partner associations? Then you only have to pay the deposit. Check this page to see all benefits of becoming an ASVA partner association