Our speakers can be rented in two different packages. The basic package with a single speaker and a connection for computer / telephone / etc, and a more extensive package where you get an extra speaker and a mixer, including the necessary cabling

DEvine artis 12a

The Devine Artis 12A is an active speaker. This means that an amplifier is built in. This speaker can therefore be used without mixer. In this way 1 microphone or a laptop / telephone / etc can be connected.

This speaker is part of the basic package.

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FAme mc-12

The Fame MC-12 is a passive speaker. This means that no amplifier is built in. We do not have a separate amplifier, only the amplifier built into the Devine speaker. It is possible to connect the Fame speaker to the Devine speaker. The only drawback is that this does not produce stereo, but mono sound. With our sound system it is not possible to get stereo sound.

This speaker is part of the extensive package.

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DEvine mx-4 Pa

The mixer has 2 inputs for microphones or guitars (XLR or JACK). In addition, a laptop / telephone / etc can be connected.

This mixer belongs to the extensive package.