Our speakers can be rented in two different packages. The basic package with a single speaker and a single connection for computer / telephone / etc, and a more extensive package where you get an extra speaker and an amplifier, allowing up to 8 devices to be connected.

Active speaker: JBL PartyBox 110

The JBL PartyBox 110 is an active speaker. This means that an amplifier is built in. This speaker can therefore be used without mixer. This mixer lasts 12 hours without power input. With this speaker you can connect a microphone or guitar! Finally, you can also connect wirelessly to this speaker with the bluetooth function. In short: ideal for your next houseparty!

This speaker is part of the basic package.

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FAme mc-12

The Fame MC-12 is a passive speaker. This means that no amplifier is built in. With the seperate amplifier you can add up to 4 devices(for example a laptop and a microphone). By also borrowing a mixer, your options are endless. We can imagine that it can be hard to connect all these devices. That’s why we made an instruction video.

This speaker is part of the extensive package.

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