The ASVA student union has two projectors for the rental. Below you will find some basic specifications per projector. When renting a projector you can choose one cable to connect the projector. If you need multiple cables, you pay an additional 10 euros deposit per cable. Here you can find the available cables. It is up to you to find out which cables you need.


  • minimale beeldgrootte          60inch
  • maximale beeldgrootte         300inch

Connections: composite, 2x HDMI, S-Video, 2x VGA (D-Sub), USB 2.0

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  • minimum image size 60inch
  • maximum image size 300inch

Connections: HDMI, VGA, composite, S-video

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Available extra cables

  • VGA (male-male)
  • HDMI (male-male)
  • VGA-Minidisplay (male-male)
  • HDMI-Minidisplay (male-male)
  • VGA-Minidisplay (female-male)
  • HDMI-Minidisplay (female-male)
  • HDMI-VGA (male-female)
  • VGA-MiniHDMI (female-male)

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