Cycling throughout the City

It is very easy and cheap to traverse Amsterdam by bike. ASVA increasingly commits itself to the safeguard of accessibility by bike of campuses and student residences.

Cycling Routes

Routes of interest for students are usually the links between student residences and educational institutions or nightlife venues. We give special attention to the cycling routes to the South-Eastern ward of the city. In addition, ASVA supports retaining the option to take your bike along with you on the metro.

Bike Parking

Quick and easy parking of your bike significantly contributes to good accessibility. We do however see a lot of room for improvement. ASVA, therefore, tries to pay attention to bike parking in new campus facility developments, on both a short as well as a long-term base.


The ever busier streets in Amsterdam have led to an increase of serious accidents, in which the car driver is to be held responsible for more than half of the occasions. Bikes need more space on the street, especially around crossings close to educational institutions to ensure safe accessibility. Social security presents another issue, with some routes having many twists and turns, or crossing deserted office areas and dark tunnels. Better lighting would already lead to considerable improvement of overall safety and attractiveness of such a route to the South-Eastern ward for instance.

Collaboration with the HvA and UvA

As the HvA and UvA campuses are also constantly changing, one must constantly keep an eye on how to steer the growing number of students and their displacements in the right direction. Therefore, ASVA has started making an inventory of all planned infrastructural works on bike parking facilities together with Facility Services. This way, ASVA can optimally convey and look after the students’ factual needs and wishes on-campus cycling infrastructure.