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ASVA Student Union is the biggest student organisation in Amsterdam. ASVA represents the interests of students of both UvA and AUAS (HvA). The quality and accessibility of education are our priorities. To achieve this, we engage with the Executive Board of these institutions, we investigate problems, we seek the media and we even organize manifestations.

Update from the board

What crazy time these are. Everyone is staying home all the time, working in pyjama’s and suddenly has to replace a very old and embarrassing Skype profile picture. Within ASVA things are not the same either. Our lustrum activities have been postponed, our office is closed and we don’t expect…

ASVA Student Desk closed

Unfortunately, the ASVA Student Desk is (phisically) closed, until the 1st of june, due to the measures against the Corona-virus. During this period, you can still reach the Student Desk by email via studentenbalie@asva.nl and WhatsApp via +31 6 39 62 59 31. Since the desk is closed, our borrowing…

December update from the board

Have you eaten a lot this holiday? The ASVA board certainly has. Even before the holiday started, we had two wonderful dinners, first with our activos and then with the LSVb. We’ve even heard anti-corporal and semi-anarchist Emma dared to dance in the society of SSRA. Wonders never cease. Furthermore,…

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