Minimum wage

Feasibility minimum wage 14 euros per hour 

One of the things that Board 77 wants to push for is to raise the minimum wage to 14  euros. We feel that we cannot make a case for this without also addressing this  issue internally at ASVA, but are also aware that this has long-lasting consequences  for the organization, and that it is virtually impossible to reverse this decision. We  would therefore like to seek the advice of the GMM to see how feasible they think  this change is. 

positions, which add up to about 145 hours per week, this would be an additional  Because this is such a large amount, we expect  that it would be more realistic not to do this all at once, but to first make the move  this year. 

We would like to hear the opinion of the GMM, so we can make an informed choice. 

Advisory question: What does the GMM think of a salary increase for employees to  and should this be achieved in steps or all at once? 


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