The ASVA board 18|19 has officially entered service!

On September 16th, the board has been changed. Affordable and easily accessible student housing, better education and the abolishment of the student loan system are the main theme’s ASVA will be concerned with in 19|20. In addition, the board aims to increase their reach among both HBO and WO students.

CHAIR 19|20: Emma Hilde Fuchs
According to Emma (22), there are two things that should go: the huge problems regarding student housing in Amsterdam and the student loan system. “It’s time for change and I’m very happy to contribute to this change. I think the life of a student can be a lot happier and more free than it is now.”

She recently commented on the announced cuts in education (read it here).

VICE-CHAIR 19|20: Wietske Dotinga
Wietske (24) is fighting for better education this year, but will also be committed to housing for students. “Education is not the only important factor for students. You also have to be able to live somewhere and to continue your studies properly.”

SECRETARY & TREASURER 19|20: Jamie van den Berg
Jamie (22) is campaigning for housing this year. In addition to his dual function becoming a challenge, he also accepts the challenge: “Student housing must remain affordable at all times, as agreed in the covenant with the municipality.” He also wants to promote the interests of students. “These are sometimes overlooked, while they are crucial for the future of Amsterdam.”

GENERAL MEMBER 19|20: Amy Renckens
Amy (23) is going to work this year to generate a greater reach among students. In this way she wants to show students what is going on with their educational institution and what choices these institutions make. “I’ll be able to work on these things as a board member of ASVA!”

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