How to motivate yourself in times of quarantine?

Now that AUAS is not offering physical classes for the rest of the year and UvA will continue education from home at least until June 1st, we won’t escape online classes. Days of sitting at home do not benefit motivation. These tips will help you prepare for them as good as possible!

Download applications and make sure your WiFi’s working
Are your seminars taught on ZOOM, Skype or Teams? Make sure you have downloaded these apps on time to prevent stress. These apps require a lot from your internet connection, so make sure you’re not downloading or streaming at the same time on another device in your network.

E-mail your teacher if you have questions
Did the online class go a little too quick or is there part of the material you don’t understand? You can still e-mail your teacher! Besides, you can plan a call with your class mates to discuss material you don’t understand.

Put your phone away
It might seem like such an easy tip during studying, but it requires quite some discipline to put your phone away, especially when working at home. Put it in another room and decide a time when you can take it back. Even if just sending a couple of messages seems harmless, it breaks your concentration. Therefore you really save time when you put your phone away. And don’t secretly open WhatsApp Web to continue messaging.

Add structure to your life
Of course it is enticing to sleep in late every morning, start working at 10 pm or to Netflix all day, but in due time it will just cause you stress and bad study results. Decide on a certain time to get up each weekday and make a to-do list (a realistic one, so you can really keep to it). Constantly changing your rythm and a lack of structure will only end up making you tired and lacking energy.

Reward yourself and get some fresh air
Reward yourself with the things that motivate you: if you’ve studied well for two hours, it’s fine to watch a YouTube video, play a game or eat a snack! Besides, go outside and get some fresh air (on you own, and don’t forget to keep 1.5 meters’ distance!). It keeps you focused.

Feeling alone? Video-call a friend
We’ve become super creative because of social distancing: online drinks on friday afternoon, playing games on Houseparty or just a one-on-one chat with a friend. Even though it’s easier to continue Netflixing instead of joining the Skype group call, human contact makes you feel better! Try to call your friends or family once or twice a week. Can’t find the time for an appointment? You’re always welcome to ASVA’s online friday afternoon drinks!

ASVA is here to help!
Are you having trouble in your education at AUAS or UvA? Send us an e-mail or WhatsApp message and let us know. We might just be able to help you! We’ve also gathered information about the corona crisis for you on our website. You can find information from AUAS here and information from UvA here.