Lease service and telephone available!

Good news! Starting July 6th, the ASVA student desk is reachable by phone again, on monday and thursday between 11:00 and 14:00 at +31 20 525 29 26. You can always reach the student desk via email: and WhatsApp: +31 6 39 62 59 31.

Lease service available again
Members and member organisations can use lease ASVA’s equipment again! Be sure to make an appointment early to pick up and hand in by e-mail or whatsapp.
Please note that deposit money temporarily cannot be paid in cash but has to be paid by bank transfer at least a day in advance. So make sure to make your reservation on time.

No bike sale
The bike sales cannot take place during the time we’re closed. Registrations for a new bike sale will be opened by the time it is sure the Student desk can be opened again.

We hope to be able to welcome you back safe and healthy at our desk soon!
The Student Desk