ASVA presents: the Statutes Service!

Statutes are an important part of your association, but sometimes not the sexiest part. To assist with this, ASVA has created a statutes service.

To make changing your statutes more affordable, we have made a deal with a notary, namely van Ligten en van Ligten. This is a professional notary firm with offices in Hilversum and Amsterdam. For a reasonable price, around 500 euros, it is now possible to have your statutes amended here. How this works in practice: every six months, you can register with ASVA, we then provide a list for van Ligten and van Ligten, and they will contact you further. The first deadline for the first list is on 20 October. Interested? Mail to

We are also making amending bylaws easier: our legal office can support you in amending your bylaws. This means we can review your articles of association for inconsistencies, ambiguities or outdated wording. This will ensure that your articles of association are up-to-date and legally correct. In addition, we can inform you about recent legislation that may affect your articles of association. This way, you can ensure that your articles of association are in line with the latest legal requirements. We also offer templates that you can use to get started yourself. These templates contain the key elements that you need to amend or draft your articles of association. Any questions? Please contact us via this page.