Board 18|19

The 18|19 Board of the ASVA student union consists of the following people:

Alba van Vliet (Chair)

21 years old, studies Politics, Psychology, Law & Economics at the UvA.
Main portfolios: Press & Media, Education (higher), Education, Higher Vocational Education (Dutch abbr. HBO), National Student Union (Dutch abbr. LSVb), Intercity Student Council (Dutch abbr. ISO), Diversity, ASVA Academy, Study associations university education, Central Student Council (Dutch abbr. CSR), HR committee, Alumni association.

Maarten Kiers (Vice-chair)

24 years old, pursuing his bachelor’s Public Administration and Organisational sciences at the VU.
Main portfolios: Staff members policy, Student housing, Hiring committee, System management, Teacher of the Year UvA.

Anouke Mandjes (Secretary)

23 years old, pursuing her bachelor’s General Social Sciences at the UvA.

Main portfolios: Secretariat, Info-team, Public transport (Dutch abbr. OV) and OV-fiets, General Assembly, Oecie, Associations committee, Policy action plan, Introduction period.

Maarten Albers (Treasurer)

23 years old, bachelor’s Liberal Arts & Sciences at the AUC.

Main portfolios: Student housing, Education (higher), Intercity Student Council (Dutch abbr. ISO), Sustainability, Legal office, Research office.

Lisa de Lange (General Commissioner)

20 years old, studies Public Administration at the HvA.

Main portfolios: Education (higher vocational), Education (general), National Student Union (Dutch abbr. LSVb), Study associations higher vocational (Dutch abbr. HBO), KersVers (Fresh&Fruity), Events and projects, Teacher of the Year HvA, Central participation council (Dutch abbr. CMR).

Do you have questions for one of the board members? Send an email to