The Noorderkwartier Residents’ Association is looking for boardmembers!

Do you want to get to know your neighbours? Do you want to decide what the common room (coming soon) will look like? Do you want to make Noorderkwartier a place for a drink in the sun, or reding a book in the grass? Then you should sign up for the Residents’ Association!

Together with some of your neighbours you will organise fun activities such as neighbourhood drinks or a game night, while also having a say in what the courtyard will look like. All Noorderkwartier residents are automatically a member of the association and will pay a monthly contribution of €2,50, which the assocation can spend on the community.

Noorderkwartier is a flat with 388 apartments for students and young people and it will be your mission to make that into one community!

Aside from the fun, the Residents’ Association is a nice addition to your resumé, as you will also represent your fellow residents at the housing corporation. To prepare you for your tasks, you will follow a training from the ASVA Student Union Academy.

For the resumé builders, the party animals or those with green thumbs, there’s something to do for everybody! If you’re interested, send a short motivation to Indicate how you would like to contribute and include your availability on the 6th, 7th or 8th September for a very short interview.