Silent Disco Headphones

Do you have a house party soon, but don’t want to be a burden for your neighbors? Silent Disco is the solution! Members of ASVA can borrow them for free, up to a maximum of 30 headphones

What’s in the box?

  • HD9-RGB headphones
    Minimum 10 en maximum 30 pieces to borrow
  • 2x AC-adapter + 10x 4-way charger
    Charging takes approximately 3 hours and after you can use it for around 10 hours.
  • SR800 transmitter + power cable
    230 volt needed. No bluetooth function.
  • 1x Tulp – Mini Jack cable
Transmitter with power cable and Tulp cable
HD9-RGB headphone with ASVA logo
The box

Deposit prices

A standard borrow comes with 10 headphones and costs €250.

For every 10 extra headphones you borrow, €50 will be added. So with 30 headphones you have a deposit of € 350.


The set has the option to switch between three different channels. However, a transmitter is required for each channel. ASVA only has one transmitter to borrow.


Are you interested? You can app or email the student desk for a reservation. Borrowing is free till the next ASVA working day till 15:00. After that there will be €10,- rent per day and €15,- for the weekend.