Energy-poverty: ASVA Helps!

IMPORTANT: In Amsterdam it is not possible to apply anymore. In Diemen and Amstelveen application is still possible. You need to apply with the city first and only then fill in the form below. If you have any questions you can contact

Gas and electricity prices have skyrocketed recently. The government has introduced an energy allowance as a compensation, but most municipalities exclude students from this allowance. We think that is illegal. Students are discriminated against without justification. The NOS spoke about this to a number of lawyers who feel the same. 

Together with ASVA, we can do something about it: we can bring a case against the municipality on your behalf. Have you applied for an energy allowance and was your application rejected? Then fill in the form below. We can then assist you in filing a case. You can also fill in the form if you have not yet applied for your energy allowance. Then send us your possible rejection later. You can read more about the process in the step-by-step plan below. Please note: this schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions, please email

So, are you:

  • Older than 21 years old (legal age)?
  • Meet the other conditions (for example, income and liquid asset limit)?

But, did you get rejected because you are:

  • A student? 
  • Renting a shared living space (no private kitchen), and/or
  • Do you have too much money in your bank account while having a student loan?

Request your energy allowance at the municipality! Fill in the form below, so we can help you. 

Step-By-Step Plan:

Step 1: Request at the municipality and register with ASVA

You can still apply for a allowance. This will most likely be rejected, but together we will try to fight it. In some municipalities, you are unable to fill in the form as a student. In that case, fill in the form as a non-student, and fill in that you’re a student in the remarks. If they ask why you think you are entitled to a supplement, fill in that you think it is prohibited discrimination to reject you just because you are a student. If your energy bill actually has risen, make sure to fill that in. Applying for a allowance can be done via the following links: Gemeente Amsterdam, Gemeente Diemen, and Gemeente Amstelveen.


When you completed this step, make sure to apply with ASVA. If you attach a signed authorization form, we can maintain contact with the municipality about your case on your behalf. The application form is at the bottom of this page.

Report energy allowance

We are now committed to obtaining an energy allowance for students. We are also committed to students who live with shared facilities.

Some other conditions are also unfavorable for students, but we will not deal with them.

If you have submitted an application and received a rejection, and you want to authorize us to lodge an objection, please complete the authorization form and send it to us via

If you have any other questions or other problems with your living situation, contact, or contact for the right legal aid. We would like to add a disclaimer: we are students, not a professional law firm.