Emergency Shelter

At the beginning of the semester, it can be extremely busy when many new students enter the city. Unfortunately, not all students have been able to find a place before the start of the semester.

Should it not be possible for you to find a place, you can try No Room for Us. This is a couch-surfing initiative, where internationals students temporarily stay over at other people’s places. Think of staying on someone’s couch, or in their spare room. For this initiative, we are always looking for ‘hosts’, people who can provide temporary housing to international students. Do you want to become such a host, or do you need a place to stay? Sign up via No Room For Us.

For hosts: we only match people. After matching, you can together make further agreements on temporary rent, house rules and others things you should want to make agreements about. If you have any questions about this, or need help with this, you can always contact us via huisvesting@asva.nl.