ASVA now also helps in AI cases!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly making its mark on various aspects of our lives, and education is no exception. AI has the potential to enhance the learning process, but with the rise of AI have come concerns. For example, the use of AI, such as chatGPT, in exams or papers may lead to unfair advantages for some students. It is therefore essential that educational institutions set clear guidelines regarding the use of AI tools in teaching to ensure academic integrity.

For students who are involved in situations where an (alleged) use of AI, such as chatGPT, played a role in exams or papers and this has resulted in censure, the ASVA Students’ Union Legal Aid Office is ready to support. We can help assess individual situations, provide legal advice and offer guidance in dealing with university procedures and appeals.

As education and technology continue to evolve, it is crucial to balance the benefits of AI with ethical and academic considerations. In doing so, students must be treated fairly and their rights safeguarded at all times. Do you have the feeling that you are being treated unjust? Then contact the ASVA Legal Aid Office.