Study Associations

A study association is of great importance to the student. It promotes the interests of students in one or more study programmes and is also the social hub of the programme. In this way, a study association adds colour to student life. Students can go to a study association not only for study-related matters such as book sales or conferences, but also for the necessary relaxation, such as get-togethers and parties. These activities create a bond between the members.

Often, almost all students who study a certain subject are members of the corresponding study association. A number of students are active within the association and organise activities. These students are generally guided by the board. The board has the final responsibility for everything that happens in the association.

Becoming active in a study association can be a fun and educational addition to your studies. You will meet new people and gain experience in organising activities. Drop by your study association and see what they have to offer!

ASVA and Study Associations

The ASVA student union supports study associations in various ways. The ASVA partner association shortlist provides an overview of what ASVA has to offer study associations.

Once every six weeks, ASVA organises a meeting of study associations (SVO). There is a study association meeting for hbo associations and a study association meeting for UvA associations. ASVA Academy also organises courses for board members and active members of study associations. Every year ASVA publishes an updated Associations Guide with all the associations in Amsterdam. This guide is distributed to all first year students of the HvA and UvA during the introduction period.

For more information, please contact the coordinator of study associations. Send an email to