Board grants

A board year often means that you can study less and that your studies are delayed. As a compensation, you can often apply for an board grant at your educational institution.

Board grant AUAS (HvA)

If you need a board grant as a student at the HvA, you will receive up to 250 euros per month as compensation. You can only apply for an board grant if your association is recognised by the HvA. How to apply for an board grant and what kind of documents you need to do this is explained extensively on this site. This is unfortunately only in Dutch, if you need help with translating, please contact ASVA!

Board grant UvA

At the UvA you can often get an board grant, or administrative body membership grant, if you are a member of the board of an association or council. This is paid for from the profiling fund. Your organisation must be recognised by the UvA and you must meet a number of individual requirements. Per organisation a number of board months can be divided: one board month is worth 300 euros. In order to receive the grant, you must submit your application between 1 September and 1 November, or, if you are changing boards at a different (agreed) time, within 2 months after the switch. So be on time with this! The full explanation can be found here.

Old system

Before the introduction of the loan system, the scholarship system was different: it was dependent on the amount of student grants you received. If you still fall under the old system, other rules may apply. To be sure, check this site.