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Proposal financial audit committee 

The financial audit committee is the GMM committee that audits the board on their  handling of ASVA’s finances. At the moment the committee consists of Jasmijn  Lyppens, Kyah van Megesen, Maarten Albers and Marije van de Guchte. However,  Kyah and Marije will not continue next year, leaving two new positions vacant.  

Board 77 would therefore like to nominate Abigail Tjhay and Jamie van den Berg for  ASVA’s financial audit committee. 

Abigail Tjhay 

Abigail was treasurer of board 71, so she is very familiar with all financial operations  within ASVA and also the functioning of the financial audit committee. In addition,  she has gained a lot of experience with the financial audit committees of A.S.V.Gay and Kwakiutl. Because of her several years in these financial audit committees and  her knowledge of the finances within ASVA, we think that Abigail is an excellent  candidate to further strengthen the committee. 

Jamie van den Berg 

Jamie was treasurer of board 75. He was also treasurer of Jonge Socialisten Amsterdam and PvdA Amsterdam Centrum, has previously served on the financial  audit committees of the Amsterdam Chamber of Associations and of ALPHA, and  has worked at the UvA as a student assistant Finance, Planning & Control and as  Committee Chair Organization & Finance at the CSR.  

With these years of experience in finance, we think Jamie will also be an excellent  addition to the committee. 

Proposal: Abigail Tjhay and Jamie van de Berg are added to ASVA’s financial audit  committee. 


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