Renting out a room

The ASVA student union mediates for free if you want to rent out a room. Thanks to our broad membership and the various channels that we use, your room offer will be shown to a large number of Amsterdam students. Via the link below, you can enter the details of the room(s) that you want to rent out.

How does it work?

When you offer your room to the ASVA student union via the previously mentioned link, ASVA will receive all details. They will review the room based on, amongst other things, price and any possible conditions and they will subsequently contact you.

When everything is approved by the ASVA student desk and the room offer has been finalised, the ad will be put online. Our members will then receive a notification and the ad will be shared via our media channels. Students then get one week time to respond to the ad.

When registrations are closed, we do a lottery. From this lottery, five winners will be drawn – unless a different number of winners is agreed upon with the landlord on beforehand. These students receive an email with an invitation for the viewing. After the viewing, the landlord can pick one of the students as the tenant.

In case you are interested, you can find an find a sample of a rental contract that you could use below.

Standard rental contract hospita

Standard rental contract self-contained rental


Who can use ASVA’s services to rent out a room or a house?

Private persons, hospitas, the UvA, housing corporations.

How do I know if the room I have to offer meets the criteria?

The main criteria for ASVA are:

  • The room must be for student
  • The student must be able to register at the municipality
  • No discrimination on gender or ethnicity
  • There must be a (shared) shower, WC and kitchen
  • The room must be available for at least 3 months

In regards to the price, we use the “point system” (puntensysteem) that has been set up by the national government.

What are the costs for offering a room or a house via the ASVA student union?

Offering a room or a house via the ASVA student union is free of charge.

What if I do not consider there to be any suitable candidates amongst the students drawn by lot?

If the lessor, for certain reasons, deems none of the students who are drawn by lot a suitable candidate, there is the possibility to look for candidates further down the waiting list or to draw lots a second time.

In case the lessor has chosen a student amongst the candidates, but has not rented out the room to this student yet, ASVA can mediate between the two parties or set up a new lottery.