Renting a room

The ASVA student union mediates between landlords and students that look for housing. When there are rooms to offer, members of the ASVA student union can respond to the rooms offered on our website for free. ASVA gives all members an equal chance, so unlike other platforms first-year students have equal chances to older-year students. The rooms offered by the ASVA rooms service are allotted to those who are interested by lottery, the time you are registered is not a factor.

ASVA mediates between landlords and students for free to make sure the two parties will establish a good and transparent relation. As soon as the lease starts, all contact passes directly to your landlord without mediation from ASVA. Yet, you can always ask your question to the student desk.

Disclaimer: Please note that the housing market in Amsterdam is tight and variable. ASVA does not own any houses, but mediates between property owners and students. ASVA cannot guarantee that we will offer you a room. When we do however offer rooms, you can be sure that they satisfy our criteria, that they have a reasonable price and that every member gets an equal chance.

How does the room lottery work?

  • First of all, you need to get your ASVA membership to be able to join the lottery. When you become a member, you can indicate that you want to receive a notification when there will be a lottery. Then you can sign up to the lottery as soon as a room will be allocated by lot.
  • Signing up to the lottery is simply a matter of clicking the button “sign up”. Do make sure to carefully read the details, because you need to be present at the proposed viewing date.
  • Usually when a house for one person is put through a lottery, five people are drawn. When your name is drawn, you receive an email from the student desk about the rest of the procedure. If you’re not interested any longer, send an email to the student desk. The students who are drawn can view the accommodation. After the viewing, the landlord chooses the tenant amongst the students.

At ASVA, you are allowed to participate in each housing lottery. The only requirement we have is that you respond to the offer in case your name is drawn. So, even if you’re not interested, we want to know, so that we can draw someone else in your place. If you haven’t responded after being drawn twice, you will temporarily be denied participation in the lotteries.

There are a few requirements that all rooms offered by ASVA meet at the least. You, as a tenant, have to be able to register at the municipality, there should be a (shared) shower and kitchen and the room should be available for a minimum period of 3 months. Besides, ASVA takes into account the “point system” (puntensysteem) of the national government.

Other tips

  • In ASVA student union’s action plan for rooms you can find a lot of information about finding a room. Think of online platforms where rooms are being offered and tips about what you need to pay attention to when looking for a room; the action plan for room is the first step to find a place!
  • On our Facebook page, many rooms are being offered by and for students. We check if the posts in the group meet a number of requirements. Besides, you must pay careful attention when responding to housing offers; we are not responsible for any possible issues.
  • Yet, in case you are facing problems in your current housing situation, you can always contact our legal office. You can also bring your questions about a contract, that you are planning to sign or have already signed, to our legal office.