Important: finding a room in Amsterdam is not easy. Often, it is only possible when you start very early and have a large budget. It is very important to be persistent and to lower your expectations, as chances of finding a place are very slim. In ASVA student union’s action plan for rooms you can find a lot of information about finding a room. Think of online platforms where rooms are being offered and tips about what you need to pay attention to when looking for a room; the action plan for room is the first step to find a place!

On our Facebook page, many rooms are being offered by and for students. ay careful careful attention when responding to housing offers; we are not responsible for any possible issues.

Yet, in case you are facing problems in your current housing situation, you can always contact our legal office. You can also bring your questions about a contract, that you are planning to sign or have already signed, to our legal office.

Besides, you can contact the ASVA student desk for more tips on how to find a room.

Please note that the Amsterdam housing market is tight and changeable. ASVA does not own rooms, but mediates between landlords and tenants via our Facebook page. We cannot guarantee that you will find a room here.