10-day Quarantine Buddy Program

Due to the measures concerning COVID-19, all students arriving from countries that have been labelled high risk by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Orange or Red countries) are required to go into a 10-day quarantine upon arrival to their accommodation. To help students settle and provide them with ample opportunities to make connections and sustain themselves, the ASVA Student Union has set-up a Buddy Program in collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, University of Amsterdam and their study associations.

By filling in the form below, we will try to connect you to a buddy, preferably from your studies! This buddy can provide you with more information on the student life in Amsterdam, help you with getting acclimated and possibly provide you with groceries or ways to obtain these without leaving your home.

Your information will be sent towards the relevant Study Association connected to your own study. For further information, you can always contact our own Student Desk through emailing studentenbalie@asva.nl or Whatsapping 00 31 6 39 62 59 31. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or become a member of ASVA for the latest information about your student life.

This form can be used to sign up when you’re searching for a buddy during your own quarantine, or when you want to become a buddy for a student in quarantine. The pairing will be done by the relevant Study Association.