Board compensation

Board compensation 

The compensation of the board comes from the Profiling Fund of the UvA and HvA.  The UvA’s board grant board  money from the annual HvA subsidy. This year the board consists of two people who  study at the UvA, Job and Jules, two people who study at the HvA, Andra and Emma,  and one person who studies at the VU, Melissa. 

Therefore, this year there is at least one board member who does not yet receive a  board allowance, and in addition, for Andra it is not yet certain whether they can  make use of the arrangement of the HvA. We therefore want to make money  available this year to compensate these board members. 

Because they are part that if the situation changes and Andra can make use of the scheme of the HvA, this  will of course be settled retroactively. 

Proposal budget item “grant payments” on the  budget of 2021 for the board compensation of Andra Geurtz and Melissa Bakker. EIDSPLAN 

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