UvA Referendum FAQ

What exactly does the campaign committee of the commission do?

The campaign committee is responsible for the distribution of ‘neutral’ information about the referendum and the different things that students can vote on. They do this by putting up posters and handing out flyers throughout the university. 

IS the referendum binding?    

Yes, the central board of the UvA has to commit to the outcomes; this was agreed in the mandate of the committee in article 4.4. This article states that:

“De commissie formuleert adviezen en legt deze voor aan de academische gemeenschap. Bij instemming door de academische gemeenschap wordt overgegaan tot implementatie van de adviezen. De instemmingsprocedure vindt plaats volgens het voorstel van de commissie.

Is ASVA organising events to raise awareness?

Yes, you can find these at www.asva.nl/uva-referendum.  

I heard that a certain percentage has to be met before the referendum is binding, is this true?

No, this is not the case. The mandate, which contains the agreements made about the commission and the outcomes states that the outcome will be implemented and does not mention anything about a percentage. 

I heard that the Green and yellow models aren’t legal in the law yet, is this true? 

Yes, this is true. However, there is an experimental clause in the law that the university can (and will, if the outcome is green or yellow) will appeal to which will allow for an alternative way of university governance. 

Is ASVA campaigning for the green model?

We want to get as many students as possible to vote so we will be also take an active part in the neutral campaign. After that the our own ASVA campaign is in favor of the green model.

On Facebook the referendum is called  “Raadgevend” (advisory), what does this mean then?

The referendum outcome in the report is binding and has to be implemented, but this can’t happen right away because the UvA has to make an appeal to the government before it can be executed. Furthermore, it is called raadgevend/advisory because the outcome will be processed and then presented in the final report of the commission.