About ASVA Academy

ASVA studentenunie

The ASVA Student Union is the largest student organization in Amsterdam. ASVA represents the interests of students from both the UvA and the HvA. The quality and accessibility of education are our priorities.

ASVA offers, among other things, various services to make life easier for students. ASVA Academy, the training agency of ASVA, is one example of this. We also sell cheap legal bikes every other Tuesday. We also have a law firm, where we help students with all their legal problems for free. Do you have problems with your rent or education? We are happy to help you.

ASVA Academy

ASVA Academy is a training agency that aims to support active students in their committee or board work. ASVA Academy offers training sessions in which active students can acquire knowledge and skills that are useful in their board year.

Student organizations can request training sessions themselves from ASVA Academy and as soon as there is enough interest for a particular training session, ASVA Academy organizes it. The costs are €5 per person if you are a member (or your association is a member) of ASVA and €8 for non-members.

Become a trainer?

Have you been active in student life yourself? Have you organized the best study trips or have you raised money for the association? Do you think you can provide training sessions yourself or do you want to learn this? Send us a message! ASVA Academy helps you to develop into a trainer through a professional train-the-trainer process.

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